Sabah Snake Grass Extract 250 Gram Concentrated


Sabah Snake Grass Daun Belalai Gajah

SSG Extract 250g

Sabah Snake Grass is a traditional herbs medicine in Malaysia which is use to treat cancer, leukemia, dialysis, hypertension and diabetes. Its scientific name is Clinacanthus nutans. In our cancer treatment, it is used together with B17 Amigdalin or B17 Apricot Seed where it give energy to patient and at the same time work together to destroy cancer cells.

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/250GRAM Extract Powder

Main Actions
  Other Actions
Standard Dosage
Treat herpes infection
Powder : 3 gram 3 times daily
Anti-H1N1 Virus [2]
Treat Leukemia
Antivenom (Snake, Scorpion, Bee, Insects)
Antivaricella-zoster virus infection

Treatment of Recurrent Aphthous ulcer

From 1,000 people who had taken the herbs and showed improvement :
Case 1)  Man - age 54
               Lung Cancer: 3rd stage.
               Chemothrapy 6 times
               Tumour before taking Sabah Snake Grass 29mm, 44mm, 76mm
               Tumour two weeks after taking Sabah Snake Grass
               reduced to 20mm, 27mm, 67mm respectively
Case 2)  Woman
                Uterus cancer – tumour size 6cm
                Scheduled for surgery. After taking SSG, reduced to 3.5cm.
                Doctor said no need to operate
                Continue taking the SSG, the tumour disappeared.
Case 3)  Man
               Prostate Cancer
               After taking SSG for 11 days, the tumour disappeared.
Case 4) Woman from KL
               Breast and Lung Cancer
               Both breasts removed - 4 stage. Very weak, cannot eat,
               on drip and lying in hospital.
               Family member poured SSG juice into her mouth through tube.
               After a few days, could eat and was discharged. 
               28 days later was all tumours disappeared.
Case 5) Woman from Taiping
               Breast Cancer
               After taking SSG for 3 days, the wound dried up.
Case 6) Leukemia Patients
               So far 4 cases have been cured after drinking SSG juice.
               They also drank juice from 3 leaves of Guo Sai Por
               (Ti Tham Tou) once per week.
Case 7) Patients with High Cholesterol, High Blood, High Uric Acid
              and Diabetes
              After taking SSG, the conditions improved.

Refference :
2.      Mali Wirotesangthong, Takayuki Nagai, Haruki Yamada, Surattana Amnuoypol and Chutichot Mungmee Effects of Clinacanthus siamensis leaf extract on influenza virus infection Microbiol Immunol 2009; 53: 66–74.