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Sabah Snake Grass Extract Double Strength
Pure extract of green and fresh Sabah Snake Grass Leaves with double the strength.
Qty: 200 Capsules/Bottle

Price : RM320 RM300

Graviola Extract Double Strength 

Pure extract of green & fresh Graviola Leaves & Fruits with double the strength.
Qty: 200 Capsules/Bottle

Price : RM320 RM300

B17 Amigdalin Tablet
The 500 mg tables are an extraction of the vitamin B17 only and comes from the raw Apricot Seed. It is taken out of the whole food, the apricot seed, and put into tablet form for the purpose of curing cancer. 
Also great in pain control.
100 Tablet/Bottle

Price : RM370 RM350


B17 Apricot Seed Capsules
B17 Apricot Seed capsules is a 100% extract of natural apricot seeds. Apricot seed contained high source of Vitamin B17 or Amygdalin. It is a good dietary supplement to prevent cancer and as an alternative cancer treatment. 
300 Capsules/Bottle

Price : RM180 RM170

Sabah Snake Grass Extract Powder
SSG (Clinacanthus nutans.) is a modern herbs medicine in Malaysia which is use to treat cancer, leukemia, dialysis, hypertension and diabetes. Purely extracted from whole plant of SSG which include the stem, leaf and root.
Traditionally use as anti-venom (snake, bee, scorpion) in Malaysia and Thailand.
Net Weight: 250 Gram/Bottle

Price : RM160 RM150

Graviola Extract Powder
Graviola Extract is extracted from the whole fruit, stem and leaf of Annona Muricate L or Soursop plant. Its ability to destroy cancer cells is 10,000 times more than a chemo therapy. This herbs medicine has no side effect like chemo therapy which contained high toxic that’d give side effect to patient.
Net Weight: 250 Gram/Bottle

Price : RM160 RM150

Bromelain Enzyme

Provide Pancreatic Enzymes which work to destroy cancer cells’ protection layer. Without the protection layer, the cancer cells will exposed to human antibody and Vitamin B17.
Increase the body immune system.
Qty: 30 Sachets/Box

Price : RM85 RM85

B17 Feminine Wash
Traditional herbs medicine with famous ingredients of herbs in Malaysia. Contain Daun Sireh, Manjakani and B17 use female and ovarian cancer patient.

Price : RM25 RM20

Use of DMSO in medicine dates from around 1963, when an Oregon Health & Science University Medical School team, headed by Stanley Jacob, discovered it could penetrate the skin and other membranes without damaging them and could carry other compounds into a biological system. For breast cancer patient, we use DMSO Gel together with B17 breast Cream to help deliver the medicine into the body.

Price : RM130


B17 Breast Cancer Cream
Used for skin lesions or blemishes, caused by excessive sun and/or skin conditions it contains DMSO, which is a powerful carrier through the skin.
Active ingredients:  Apricot kernel Extract (Amygdalin 7%)   Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO 5%)
Inactive Ingredients:  Purified Water, Glycerin, Jojoba oil, Cetyl Alcohol, Staryl alcohol, Stearic acid

 Qty: 50 Grams/Bottle

Price: RM140

B17 found in raw Apricot seeds has been mother nature’s proven way to fight and prevent cancer for centuries.
The apricot seeds are bitter to eat, you can grind them up and put the powder on a salad, in a shake or smoothie drink. Also there is a way to grind them and put them in capsule form. Then just take them like any other vitamin or supplement you currently might be taking.

Net Weight: 1 kg

Price: RM130

Oliveherbs has recently launched its 100% Organic Papaya Leaf Extract Powder – also known as Paw Paw Leaf Extract. The High Potency extract provide effective herbal remedies to support new and exciting clinical study research which shows that papaya leaf extract and tea may help thwart the growth of cancer cells and increase platelet count.
Net Weight: 250 Gram/bottle

Price: RM160