The New Sabah Snake Grass 2X & Graviola 2X

Introducing the new SSG 2X & Graviola 2X in vegetable capsule. Each bottle contained 200 capsules which double the strength compared to powder SSG or Graviola. The new capsules form are easy to consume as healthy diet supplement and as alternative to cancer treatment while maintaining 100% natural ingredients from Malaysia farm.

For person with cancer, recommended dosage is 2 capsules 3 times a day. For 200 capsules in each bottle could last more than a month (metabolic therapy 2 caps 6x/day: 2 bottles /month). The cost for maintaining everyday healthy diet are still the same while double the effectiveness even you can feel the different even in 1 day!

For normal person who love to maintain everyday daily activity with energy and being healthy, just take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules before sleep. You will feel energetic on the next morning you wake up and be confident the whole day at work!

Graviola is not a new miracle medicine. It already been practice by Malaysian people for decades in for various of health benefits. From the fruits, to its leaves it contained high anti-cancer, anti-parasite and anti-tumorous.

Sabah Snake Grass also is not a new findings in herbal medicine. It have been use widely in Asia like Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia as anti-venom from snakes & insects bite and sting. Lately a lot of positive testimonials from user with cancer who cured and get better by consuming Sabah Snake Grass leaves in raw & extract form. As the goodness of the mother nature has reveal itself, why don't we give it a try!

Lets be healthy & prevent CANCER before it's too late because prevention is much much better than curing.


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